Advocate Javed and Associates is a Law firm in Delhi/NCR, founded in the year 2000. Since the beginning, the main theme of Advocate Javed, the founder of the said firm was to serve as Advocates, solicitors and also as a Legal Consultant...

Best Divorce Lawyers Delhi | Best Family  Lawyers in Delhi | India

The consummation of deals and the resolution of disputes and compliance with the Law are the reasons for our existence as a organization

Best Divorce Lawyers Delhi | Best Family  Lawyers in Delhi | India

Our vision is to provide our clients with skilled legal advice in a timely and efficient manner. We strive to handle each matter with accountability and responsiveness, as if we were representing ourselves...

Best Divorce Lawyers Delhi | Best Family  Lawyers in Delhi | India

INTEGRITY – We lead by example in all we do. We set the highest goals of honesty and ethics.
SERVICE – Our work is handled timely and efficiently.


Practice Areas

We are dedicated to provide the highest level of
legal services in Delhi NCR and all high courts across India.


Civil Law comprises of substantive and procedural Law, Civil Court Cases, the Judicial & Quasi-Judicial Courts & Fora, the Petition and Documents comprising of Legal ...


India has a very highly developed Criminal Jurisprudence and Judicial Administration System [JAS] to deal with the offences and the offenders on its soil...


The field of matrimonial Law covers matters that relate to marriage, separation, divorce, and child custody. Because the Law recognises that not all intimate relationships...

Services Matters

With a view to easing the congestion of pending cases in various High Courts and other Courts in the country, Parliament had enacted the Adminisitrative Tribunals Act, 1985....


The Education Law is a branch of Civil Law, and deals with the Laws, regulations, policies, and instructions which govern and regulate Federal and State Education...

Commercial matters

The commercial aspect of Law deal with business and financial transactions. At Javed and Associates we have a dedicated team to execute the drafting...

24 Years of Experience in Various Cases

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Why Choose Us

Our Law firm only provides legal help, we only Comply with accepted ethical principles.

Aggressive Legal Representation in Court
We won't miss a beat, when it comes to the Law.
Client Satisfaction & Regular Updates On Case
Analyzing customer satisfaction and quality in construction
Full Service Law Firm. One stop place for all Legal Services
Providing extensive range of legal services
Focus on Confidentiality & Ethics
Focus on the case for confidentiality with respect to individual as.


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